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ROM (Remote Offender Management) is an interactive approach to the supervision, monitoring and management of Sex Offenders in the community.

Currently under development, the government is being encouraged to pilot this new way of managing tagged offenders in the community.

To the offender, the ROM is a virtually invisible, thin elastic ankle bracelet that is linked to an ordinary looking mobile phone. To the authorities, the ROM is a clever GPS tracking device that can provide a live account of an individuals' whereabouts and movements. Furthermore, the system allows for 'GEO FENCING' i.e. blocking places like schools, parks, and other locations, thereby limiting the offenders' freedom in these areas.

The system will track the individual 24 hours a day, and enables direct contact with the offender via the mobile phone. This creates the opportunity for 'Talkdown' with the offender, assisting them to manage and overcome 'high risk' situations.

Sky Guardian will provide all of the hardware and technical support for the GPS tracking. RWA Child Protection Services will provide the Remote Offender Management (ROM) team that supports the tagged offenders.

It is our belief that ROM will make a significant contribution to reducing the level of recidivism for sex offenders in our society.