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RWA (Ray Wyre Associates) is an independent consultancy that provides professional consultation to a range of individuals and organisations, that has included Police Officers, Social Workers, Probation Officers and other specialist workers in professional, public sector, private and voluntary organisations. Up to 6 individuals can attend for a group consultation. Examples of consultations that have taken place are:-

Police investigating the downloading of images of child abuse.
Social Services investigating abuse within children’s homes.
Cases involving family reconstruction.

Cases about managing sex offenders in the community.
Concerns about managing the threat of ‘infiltration’ by child abusers.
Personal support for staff.

Help given to individuals before going into interview rape victims or offenders.
Information concerning adolescents that sexually abuse.
Advice to Ministers of Religion, Church organizations etc.
On-going supervision for staff. 

Helping staff to develop therapeutic skills in order to offer their client group the best service possible.

Facilitating staff development and on-going support and training.

Audits, reviews and enquiries.


Although work can be carried out as an individual consultation, we have found that developing a Service Level Agreement is one of the best ways forward.

Current Service Level Agreements include:

Meeting the needs of children and adolescents that sexually abuse in both residential and non-residential settings.

On going training packages and supervision for staff working with adolescents that sexually abuse.

Individual and group supervision packages to develop best practice for child protection Social Workers working with families where sexual abuse has occurred.

Currently we provide a range of services to a variety of organisations that has included:

Stagecoach Theatre Arts Plc

Castle Care

The Royal Opera House

Milton Keynes Social Services

Northampton Social Services 



Any organisation that works with children or vulnerable adults on a professional or voluntary basis needs proper child protection policies and procedures in place and clear protocols to proceed with in the event that suspicions/allegations or disclosure takes place. RWA can assist in the following ways:-

Assistance and advice on the writing and developing of child protection protocols which can then be reviewed regularly to take account of new legislation and/or new knowledge on best practice.

Provision of a 24 hour helpline for staff in your organisation to ring and get expert advice on matters that are current or immediate such as disclosure or suspicious and ‘worrying’ behaviour.

Provision of training in knowledge and understanding of how child abusers target organizations and ‘disarm’ them in order to perpetrate abuse against the children or vulnerable adults in your care.

Learning how best to safeguard against such infiltration and how to proceed if you suspect it may already have happened.


More and more organisations recognise the need to offer external support to staff who are often working in very difficult and stressful areas. Under a ‘duty of care’ there is a responsibility for agencies to offer support but beyond that most employers recognise how important and useful such support is. Our staff support service can be offered via telephone so cutting costs to the minimum. Frequency of use of this service can be set by you and we can be available for set times or at times of ‘crisis’ or both, depending upon the kind of package you wish to negotiate. Some organisations also offer their staff the opportunity to have face to face contact with our counsellors which can also be arranged should you choose to do so.

For details of any or all of these services just go to our contact page and get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to assist you at no initial cost to your organisation.